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c700x420If you saw the Chronicle article yesterday, you know there is mischief afoot. The Coalition to Save the Cow Palace is therefore returning. There are still 1,400 members on the FB page from a few years ago. Once we engage with every show and every group associated with the Cow Palace this number will multiply. We are almost ready to (re)launch the website and begin the formal campaign. The Bill (SB-281 – Wiener) is just beginning down a 7 month road (if it gets that far). To defeat it we will need to make noise. Lots of it. So please stay tuned. We are consulting with experts in Sacramento (read lobbyists and legislative staff) and are developing our plan. Yes, there are allot of co-signers on this bill – all Democrats. Yes, it purports to care about gun control and affordable housing (both issues important issues), but these are red herrings. SB-281 is political grandstanding and a land grab plain and simple. We will shine a light on this and make the authors pay a political price. And we will expose this attempt to take public land for private development. Our first goal however is to “educate, not infuriate.” We believe that Senator Wiener doesn’t like the Cow Palace. He doesn’t see its value. If you live in his district, please educate him. Our plan is to separate the issues, send letters, make calls, visit legislative offices, send out media alerts, do interviews, and show up in top hats, bonnets, cow boy hats, and cheer uniforms for special events and hearings – with our dogs. We will save the Cow Palace, …again. Maybe this time, we can even get Sacramento to pay for a new roof. …Have a safe weekend, and look for updates next week.

Here we go again…

The politicians and Daly City are at it again. This time with banning gun shows as the cover. Make no mistake, all they really want is increased tax revenues. SO… we need to defeat another attack on the future of our important venue. At least the Cow Palace is now financially self supporting. We will be posting with clear information you can use to write letters and make calls. We have to separate the gun show issue from the future of the CP issue. We support safe and sane gun controls, but we do not support another land grab by Daly City. The Cow Palace is an important cultural venue for a densely populated part of the Bay Area. It also provides critical space for FEMA and local first responders in the event of natural disasters. SB281 is not good gun legislation, its a red herring for developers and disgruntled Daily City.

Read the Article here:

Senator Yee Pulls Bill!


After facing serious opposition by members of the Assembly committee on Agriculture and by a massive upswell of opposition from the public to his amendment that would seriously cripple the Cow Palace’s ability to continue doing business, Senator Yee has decided to pull his bill from committee and completely amend it to have nothing further to deal with the Cow Palace!

We’ve dodged yet another bullet for now, but we must always remain vigilant.

Thank you all again for your support.  Without you and your willingness to advocate on the behalf of the Cow Palace, none of this would ever have been possible.

We would also like to thank our allied at the Western Fair Association, as well as the numerous stakeholders and event promoters who rely upon the Cow Palace as their venue.  We are a diverse alliance that has the tremendous advantage of representing a broad and dynamic cross section of the diverse inhabitants of this great State




Senator Yee’s ill-conceived Bill would bring down the Cow Palace by making it impossible for promoters to afford to book there.


***Critical Vote on August 22, 2011***

Senator Yee has again created an “amendment of death” to an earlier bill.  SB249 WOULD REQUIRE ALL PROMOTERS AT THE COW PALACE TO POST UP FRONT MONEY TO COVER OPEN ENDED “POTENTIAL” COSTS FOR FIRE, POLICE AND MEDICAL SERVICES.   This is an impossible requirement, that would force promoters to abandon the Cow Palace for other venues.

Promoters are already required to have Liability Insurance AND to hire security staff, EMT, Paramedics and or police presence reasonable for any given event.    SB249 will create a financially prohibitive requirement – by law – for promoters, which will effectively SHUT DOWN the Cow Palaces revenue stream, forcing existing events to move to other venues or cancel entirely.   The impact on local jobs and economy will also be significant.    The Cow Palace is actually thriving, even with no State Funding!   Community favorites like the Circus are coming back and new shows are being added all the time.   We saved it before …once, twice…now we must do it a third time!

Don’t delay.  Take 5 minutes and SAVE YOUR COW PALACE! Here’s how:

Write a letter to the Chairwoman of the powerful Agriculture Committee urging her to recommend voting against SB249 (click on TAKE ACTION for sample letter)

#2 Write letters to the SF Chronicle,  Examiner, Bay Guardian, and other print and electronic media, expressing why you think the Cow Palace is important to the Bay Area and that Senator Yee and Daily City should keep their hands off it!

#3 Call Senator Yee’s office and express your disappointment in his willingness to kill cultural institutions to solve short term budgetary concerns.

CLICK HERE to Take action NOW!

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